Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jennifer Cottis Artist

Jennifer Cottis Self Portrait

Jennifer Cottis, an artist specializing in drawing, painting, and ceramic sculptures, has graciously agreed to share her art with The Working Artist blog. She is an artist/member of and a true master of her chosen mediums. Her use of imagery and her understanding of form inspire the viewers’ imagination.

Boats in Newlyn by Jennifer Cottis
 Evening Sea Devon by Jennifer Cottis

Jennifer’s paintings are vivid and the technique she used in her painting “Evening Sea Devon” reflects her mastery of her craft. Her paintings are transformative. Her paintings—passionate and beautiful—transport the viewers through their imagination to a place of aquatic romance.

Large Whitby Pot By Jennifer Cottis         
Sea Pots by Jennifer Cottis

Jennifer’s art goes beyond 2-D images into the world of 3-D ceramic sculptures that complement her drawings and paintings, as seen in “Sea Pots and Whitby and Background.”

Jennifer is a talented artist who is celebrated in the arts community as evidenced by her recent solo exhibition and several awards.

Small Sea Pots Against Watercolour Painting by Jennifer Cottis

                                               Whitby and background 2 by Jennifer Cottis

She developed her skills at the Ealing School of Art and at the Central School of Art and Design in London. It is a privilege to feature her art in The Working Artist Blog.

Whitby Group by Jennifer Cottis

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Jennifer, thank you for the spectacular images!

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