Saturday, January 19, 2013

Achill Bogwood Sculptures

Westport Exhibition

Liam Kelly is a talented sculptor; his creations ignite the imagination. Originally from Achill Island, Liam mastered his craft by sculpting a resource that his family used for fuel—bogwood. His sculptures have a nice fluidity and appear as though the wood has been carved with the natural flow of the grain, transforming it into a sight to behold. The way in which he displays his work in a space provides evidence of his awareness of depth perception and of the fact that one object can transform the feel of the room. He clearly appreciates and celebrates nature’s gift of bogwood with his sculptures.

 Image is everything, and seeing is believing. Please view Liam Kelly’s Achill bogwood sculptures below.

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For more about Liam or to contact him, please visit his Web site, which is listed below:

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Liam, thank you for sharing your passion and your great imagination with The Working Artist!


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